Stars danced 22 hours non-stop for 3 Nights 4 Days

Jai ho… fame choreographer Longinus Fernandes made 3 Nights 4 Days gang dance all day and all night. The young bunch of actors danced twenty-two hour non-stop to the tunes of Daboo Malik and moves of Longinus.

at 3 Nights 4 Days film music launch in Cinemax on 12th Sep 2009 (57)
Sanda Caktas

The film is all about six friends who were busy in their own lives all these years, and decide to reunite, just to live it all over again. They plan their reunion, to party harder and harder for 3 Nights and 4 Days, as it is also the celebration of two of the friends’ marriage.

As the songs are the expression of their enjoyment, they are all peppy numbers crafted by the genius.

“The songs are based in discotheque or in the rave party; so the energy level had to be up all the time. As we are all young we danced 22 hours non-stop without fainting or tiring,”

says actor Farid Amiri.

–Deepa Mishra


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