Techies in Kerala turn to filmmaking

Thiruvananthapuram, July 24 (IANS) Far from the world of programming and coding, a group of nine software engineers tried their hand at filmmaking and have made a 90-minute full length Malayalam movie to be released Saturday.The film titled “The Myth”, made in hi-definition video format, will be screened here and has been directed by techies Bijoy and Prasanth, who work for SunTec Business Solutions at Technopark here.

“The storyline takes the viewer to an era when Thiruvananthapuram was the capital of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom, and talks about the glorious and intriguing history of this centuries-old city,” Prasanth told IANS.Watching some of the critically acclaimed films by maestros inspired the group to take up the camera and make a film themselves.

“We got around with a handycam and made a 30-minute film called ‘The Shadow’ which was screened at Technopark last year. The response to that (film) encouraged us and we worked out ‘The Myth’ and in four months time we made the film,” said Prasanth, who along with Bijoy has also written the script and the screenplay.

The nine filmmakers and the entire cast of the film work for Suntech. Professional help came in form of the cameraman and the editor of the film.Even though they have become poorer by Rs.200,000, the cost borne jointly by the nine techies, they have a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

“We plan to screen the film at the Technopark campus and are even planning to collect an entry fee. And of course we will see if the film can be send to video festivals across the world,” said Prasanth.The young enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed. ” Historical movies have always found a good audience among the movie buffs in Kerala,” said Bijoy, the co-director of the film..

“Through our film movie we intend to bring to the forefront the greatness of our ancestors and present it as a tribute to their foresight in the science of creating the city Trivandrum,” he added.


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