“The Bad Boy: Always more fun,” Yaariyan star Vikas Verma plays the negative lead in Kirpaan, the Sword of Honou

Vikas Verma, after spreading his raw & contagious charm on screen playing grey shades of Mike in Yaariyan will be seen playing the negative lead in Kirpaan…the sword of Honour, film by Amrik Gill.

Vikas verma

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Vikas Verma playing the negative lead in the movie Yaariyan has more to him than just playing the negative roles. Where stars in the industry are scared to get type casted, here we have our Vikas Verma playing yet another negative role. In Bollywood were it is difficult to carve a niche for yourself he has successfully managed both his film and television carrier.
Blame his international looks or his talent, this man has already created a buzz. Without playing the typical hero Vikas Verma is one of the most talked about villains in our young lot of generation.

When everybody wants to be a quintessential Bollywood hero in their debut movies he chose a different role for himself to stand out in the crowd and has no qualms about playing a villain in his debut movie.

The movie Yaariyan released with great reviews with his performance being appreciated. Vikas Verma doesn’t want to restrict himself to only Bollywood, his ambitions are sky high and wants to expand his talent in regional cinema also, where his recently released movie Yaariyan received good response, he’s gearing up for his next movie which is a Punjabi film, where he is playing a negative lead again. The very optimist Vikas Verma exclaims “Yaariyan is definitely big. I have absolutely no qualms about playing a Villain in my very first film, in fact this is totally my thing. But besides playing grey characters, I want to play other roles.”

The very charming Vikas Verma managed to carve a niche for himself even the modeling industry where he won the title of Zoom’s “India’s Fashion Star” and has walked the ramp for almost A- listed couture designers in various fashion weeks.

Vikas discusses about him being apt to play negative roles, “Every time I have auditioned, I have been mistaken to be an angrez. Time & Again, I was complimented for my international looks & was told I would do great as a grey shade & come to think of it, I have accepted that & I am glad to being offered that kind of roles.”
Apart from his very charismatic looks he’s a power house of acting as well and has got a lot of nomination in his kitty for best male negative lead at the Indian Telly Awards for his stint in Jhansi Ki Rani, playing 7 different negative roles; Marshall & Hamilton in one serial itself.
He’s also been a face of many famous brands such as Rupa Hunk, Quickr, Set Wet Deo, & many more, also did a cameo in Saif Ali Khan starrer agent Vinod.

The movie Kirpaan will see Vikas Verma as the negative lead, the Punjabi movie to be released worldwide!


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