The other side of Mallika Sherawat!

Being Mallika Sherawat and not getting the limelight isn’t really possible. She is one of those people who get to the news even with a sneeze. She has been famous for her bold looks, open statements, association with men, but this time it is purely commendable. On the sets of Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam, Mallika showed utmost strength of character by standing up for some spot boys whom Sanjay Chhel fired.

When Sanjay Chhel didn’t find the work of certain spot boys not to his liking, not only did he shout at them but also fired them. Mallika stood up and declared in her sweet and calm style to Sanjay Chhel to reconsider his decision and not to shout at the set, which creates a negative atmosphere and to talk to the spot boys in a more likable manner. We don’t know its impact on the director, but the whole crew fell in love with her for this and now, they take pleasure in giving in to all her whims and fancies. Remarkable Mallika, that is such a better way to be in news!