The Sequel Trap: Which First Golmaal 3 or All The Best 2!

The comic director Rohit Shetty is caught in a tragic situation. Rohit Shetty quickly needs to decide if he wants to do the next Golmaal film or the sequel to All The Best.

Rohit Shetty at the Unveiling of Golmaal Returns in Cinemax, Versova on 13th September 2008 (4)
Rohit Shetty at the Unveiling of Golmaal Returns in Cinemax, Versova on 13th September 2008 (4)

As if making the Golmaal series (God rest Hrishida’s soul in peace!) was not enough, now Rohit Shetty is all set to turn All The Best into a sequel-franchise.

That’s right. Shetty is already prepared to make All The Best 2. The decision was taken even before the first film in the series was released. And while the male cast will remain unchanged the ladies will keep changing in every film of the two series.

Says Shetty,

“We saw the film earlier during the week before release. Everyone was completely taken up by the idea of a sequel. So I said, why not? I don’t mind doing Golmaal and All The Best films all my career if I want to. Making people laugh is not easy.”

So which comes first? That’s the dilemma.

Says Rohit Shetty,

Golmaal 3 and All The Best 2 have only one thing in common. Ajay Devgan. By now the two of us are an inseparable team. I can’t dream of making anything without him. I’ve two ideas for the third part of Golmaal and one for the sequel to All The Best. Whichever shapes up better, I’ll go ahead with first. Golmaal 3 will again have all the character caught in a situation in a house.”

Golmaal 3 will feature the same male cast including Arshad Warsi who had annoyed the Golmaal team by expressing his displeasure over the length of his role in Golmaal Returns.

Grins Rohit,

“I was angry with Arshad. Now it’s all sorted out. And I’ll be narrating Golmaal 3 to Arshad.”

To Rohit Shetty goes the credit for holding the directorial franchise to two of the biggest ‘brand’ sequels of Bollywood. However the pressure to move to the next level of success is equally intense from both the brands.

Apparently in the wake of the ovation for All The Best, the Golmaal producers Asthvinayak want Shetty to immediately start Part 3 of the ongoing series. Shetty’s pal Ajay Devgan, however, feels another All The Best film is the need of the hour. Devgan who’s part of both the Golmaal and All The Best series is the producer of the latter, and also a close pal of Rohit Shetty.

Chances are, there might be a spill over and a crossover of cast and crew between Rohit Shetty’s two brand- sequels. Sanjay Dutt who has become a hot favourite with director Shetty and All The Best producer Ajay Devgan, may have a role in Golmaal 3.

Adds Ajay Devgan,

“Rohit and I do share a certain vibe. And yes we’re in two minds about which to go into first. The script, gags, jokes and the overall comedy have to be funnier in the next film. We can’t have repetitive gags in the All the Best and Golmaal sequel. Then the audience will lose faith in the franchise.”

— By Subhash K Jha


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