There should be proper vision to solve GST imposed on films says Sanjay Suri

On Thursday, Actor turned producer Sanjay Suri talked about his upcoming film Shab at press meet in Mumbai. While speaking to the media Sanjay Suri felt that there should be proper vision to GST imposed on films.

Central Government is imposing GST (Good and Service Tax) on films from 1st July, when asked about that, Sanjay said, “Our film is small film so it will definitely affect our film. This industry is already heavily taxed. Earlier, on theatrical release, there was no service and VAT so when government will impose GST then it will have some impact on the business of the film. Government is kind of partner with us. It is there source of revenue through us so I feel it will burden the industry and we need to have proper vision to solve this issue as earlier as possible”.

Sanjay Suri turning producer from Shab, talking about the film, he said, “The music and trailer of the film is well received by the audience and I am happy with that. Ours is a small film and we have to adjust our film among big films which are releasing around us. I hope we will get sufficient screenings at theatres and people come to watch our film.”

He added, “Shab is different film and if audience want to see something different then they should watch this film. This film has different layers and it has chapters within chapters and it is difficult for the filmmaker to present it for the audience. The film is about choices and decisions of characters in the film and how it impacts to each other in film. It has different shades like drama, romance, lust, and hope and I hope audience will relate with this film.”

Sanjay Suri earlier has worked with Onir in films like Bas Ek Pal, My Brother Nikhil and Sorry Bhai, so when asked Sanjay about his working relationship with Onir, he said, “We fight, debate and argue with each other a lot but we have trust between us and we respect each other so while taking creative decisions some time I support his vision and vice versa so that is reason we have such long working relationship with each other”

When asked about difference in working as producer and actor, Sanjay said, “Both field has different needs. Producing a film is also a challenging job. As a producer, you need to be always involved in the film. On the other hand, acting is lot of fun. It’s like a therapy to me. Acting also has its own challenges but in while doing acting your care is being taken by producer and when you are producer, you have to take care of entire crew”

Shab stars Raveena Tandon, Ashish Bisht and Arpita Chatterjee and it is directed by Onir. Shab release date has been finalized yet due to release of big films but producer of the film will announce the release date very soon.