Vir Das treated as pariah on the sets of Yash Raj!

Vir Das, India’s answer to popular western stand-up comic Russell Peters, is finding himself isolated these days on the sets of Yash Raj.

A source from the sets says,

“The entire team of Parmeet Sethi’s film is very young, enthusiastic and energetic. They are invariably up-to something or the other, pulling each other’s leg, playing pranks on each other etc.

But they all seem to steer clear of playing any prank on Vir Das. It’s because Vir is known to source his humorous content from real people around him and no one in the gang wants to be at the receiving end of Vir’s humor and find himself mentioned in his stage show ‘Walking on Broken Das’.”

So the gung ho gang tiptoes around him, and usually leaves him out of their pranks just to be in his good books!

–Esha Razdan


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