Will Shamita Shetty Be Able To Attend Her Sister’s Wedding?

By Subhash K Jha. There’s a chance that Shamita may not be able to attend her sister’s wedding. According to highly-placed sources at Colors there seems to be no provision to get a contestant out of a game show for a wedding.

Shamita Shetty at the PC of Harry Puttar on 23rd September 2008 (16)
Shamita Shetty at the PC of Harry Puttar on 23rd September 2008 (16)

Hard as it may be to believe, Shilpa Shetty‘s kid-sister now locked away in Bigg Boss, is oblivious of the momentous developments in her star-sister’s life.

Says a highly-placed Colors source, “Shamita has not been told anything about Shilpa’s engagement or the marriage in the last week of November. As far Shamita knows the marriage was supposed to happen in December after the show was over.”

Now that Shilpa has approached the channel to evict her sister in time for the wedding- and a meeting between the two parties is on the cards this weekend- the channel bosses are at a loss as to how the rules can be bent to get Shamita out of the Bigg Boss house.

Says the source, “There’s a provision for a house-mate to be brought out in a case of an extreme emergency. It happened with Jade Goody last year. But does a sister’s unscheduled wedding qualify as a family crisis? We’re now wondering if the same rule as Jade can be applied to Shamita’s case.”

The international Big Brother rules are being consulted. If there’s no provision for a contestant to leave the game for a family wedding, them Shamita Shetty may not get the permission to leave Bigg Boss house for the wedding!

This however seems improbable, considering Shilpa’s old relations with the reality show. (She was contestant on Bigg Brother and hosted Bigg Boss 2).

Says the source from Colors, “After meeting Shilpa this weekend we’ll work out a strategy on Shamita’s eviction.”

According to plans if rules apply, Shamita’s eviction will be done live. “If an unexpected turn of events helps us boost our TRPs we’re certainly not shy of putting it on camera. We did with Jade Goody. We’ll do it with Shamita.”

The pop philosopher of the show Amitabh Bachchan is expected to do the needful. He will be breaking the news of Shilpa’s engagement and impending marriage to Shamita.

“The rest is up to Shamita. Once we’re sure she can be evicted whether she decides to come out or stay in the House is entirely her decision,” ends the channel source.



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