Wizcraft and BIBA: a successful merchandising marriage

Preity Zinta at IPL auction meet in Hilton on Feb 20th 2008(34).jpgThis is the second coming for the IIFA Bling for BIBA line; a merchandising marriage that clocked a turnover of over 2 crore in the first 6 months of its association and is now moving into second gear; with Videsh starring Preity Zinta. The people at the helm of IIFA, Wizcraft’s Sabbas Joseph , and Sanjay Bindra of BIBA are happy to take this association forward.

Preity Zinta  promotes  Videsh in Gitanjali Showroom, Inorbit mall, Malad on 17th March 2009 (10).JPGBIBAs merchandising story began in the 90s with Esha Deol for Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. Its association with BR films continued through Baghban and Babul; and a brand that represented the aspirations of every Indian woman was born.

In the year 2008; the IIFA Bling for BIBA line; an immensely successful merchandising association took shape. This was the glamour and international reach of the IIFA movement, coupled with the retail reach and inherent brand value of BIBA. IIFA Bling collection, an exclusive premium fashion line, in collaboration with BIBA was introduced at a Fashion Show. Vikram Phadnis, Bina Kapur, Renu Chopra along with other leading designers have contributed to the IIFA Bling fashion lines. The first IIFA Bling for BIBA association; which literally ran to packed audiences was the Bhootnath line. Designed by the supremely talented Renu Chopra and Beena Kapur; this line made waves amongst the Indian women; the hardcore patrons of BIBA.

The IIFA Bling Collection was exclusively showcased at the IIFA Weekend 2008 in Bangkok last year and thus was accessible to a global audience

Now taking the story forward is the Videsh line; an inherently Indian ethnic line; a speciality for BIBA and considering the impeccable directorial prowess of Deepa Mehta; a line that should do well internationally as well. Again the talented team of Renu Chopra and Bina Kapur have come together to design for style icon Preity Zinta.

Welcome to the IIFA Bling for BIBA Videsh line; because every woman has a dream.

IIFA Bling for BIBA – Season II

Preity Zinta at the promotion of film Videshi in Sahara Star on 12th March 2009 (28).JPGSanjay Bindra, owner BIBA has already received an encouraging response to the line from his retail partners. He praises his designers Renu Chopra and Bina Kapur who he says “have created a very wearable line and very well priced for the fashion conscious people who aspire to dress very fashionably. We expect to surpass last years figures for sure.”

Sabbas Joseph, Director, Wizcraft International Entertainment Ltd. shares, “It is heartening to see the growth IIFA has witnessed in the past 9 years of its existence and the impact it has had on the minds and hearts of people across the globe. IIFA Bling for BIBA, the fashion line was launched last year and is one of the reflections of the trends and styles that are influenced by the Indian Film Industry. It is a platform which invites movie fans to experience stardom.

He adds, We are committed to providing the best in entertainment to our audiences. The 10th anniversary celebration for the IIFA Movement shall reinforce our vision of bringing people together for the grandest celebration of Indian Cinema.”

IIFA Bling for BIBA line is inspired by Indian Cinema’s glitz and glam, an eternal elegance that finds itself in the silky, sultry pastels and the dark shades of the base color range. Seductive frivolity and masculine allures are blended into a sensual cocktail. The decoration of art déco enriches in the details. IIFA Bling for BIBA will be showcased this year at the IIFA Weekend 2009 and will therefore open to a global audience. The line will focus on intense colors like red, fuchsia, violet or emerald green which has a monochrome shine, like lights in the city. They define new volumes; provide rhythm for graphic or accentuated glitzy looks; pretty much the kind of ‘in your face’ attractiveness that Bollywood is known for.


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