Working Stills & Synopsis of “Love, Wrinkle-Free” ….. an anti-ageing comedy film

Seema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (1).JPGLove, Wrinkle-Free poster.JPGAshwin Mushran in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (4).JPG

Log Line :Savio, a Senior Area Sales Manager of an underwear company finds it difficult to come to terms with his religious wife’s late pregnancy, his dreams of setting up an edible lingerie business, and the yogic charms of a bohemian sexy artist in this quirky, sweet and light-hearted ‘dramedy’ set in the beautiful beach town of Goa, India.

Love, Wrinkle-Free poster.JPGAsh Chandler in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (6).JPGAshwin Mushran in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (4).JPGSeema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (1).JPGArika in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (2).JPGAsh Chandler and Seema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (2).JPGAsh Chandler in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (1).JPGAshwin Mushran in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (5).JPGAsh Chandler and Seema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (4).JPG

Good-hearted Savio is confused when his wife who is in her mid-40’s and eight years elder to him gets miraculously pregnant. He is worried how their adopted teenage daughter would react. A middle level employee in an underwear company, Savio dreams of leaving his 9 to 5 boring job and setting up an edible lingerie business. A Venture Capitalist and his sexy bohemian artist-girlfriend agree to fund this kinky idea, and this leads him down an adventurous path of lies and lust. Adding to his woes is how his daughter who has Asian features gets paranoid about her ‘smaller’ eyes, and wants to operate to get bigger, beautiful eyes so as to resemble her foster parents more. Set in the beautiful Roman Catholic beach town of Goa, India, Love, Wrinkle-free engages using subtle humor to make us ponder about love, lust and looks, in this Botox era.

Ash Chandler (Savio) says “This film is a real labour of love for all of us. The most passionate and relentless director and crew ever and of course, the best ensemble cast I’ve had the privilege of working with. Its a beautiful film with a lot of heart and I loved being in Savio’s skin. I’m actually closer to Savio in real life than most people think. Goa is one of the best characters in the film and she is shown beautifully here and very realistically. Hope everyone gets to watch this wonderful film”.

Shernaz Patel (Annie) said, “I love working in independent small films…I think there is such a positive, crazy energy in a tiny film, which is hard to find in a big commercial venture. And Love, Wrinkle Free is really the best kind of indie film to be part of. A great script, a wonderful and passionate director and producer, a committed crew, a lovely cast and the setting – Goa! I have been part of Sandeep’s journey to make this film right from the beginning and it’s been wonderful to have been by his side right from the word go. I fell in love with my character, Annie, the moment I read the script and I knew I would have a lot of fun playing her – which I really did. She is simple at heart, loves her family, hard working, god fearing, with a dream to get into the church choir that won’t have her, as they want younger voices. And just as she is coming to terms with her “ageing” she gets pregnant and her world turns upside down. I loved being in a light-hearted film as well…something I yearn to do more of. And I cherished having such a meaty role that I could bite into. I am so thrilled the film is releasing and that viewers in film festivals have already enjoyed it.
I have watched Sandeep work on this from close quarters and seeing his baby get born has reinforced my belief that if you have a dream, just follow it and if you pursue it with enough belief and dedication, I promise you it will come true”.

Ash Chandler and Seema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (3).JPGSeema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (2).JPGSeema Rahmani in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (3).JPGAshwin Mushran in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (3).JPGAshwin Mushran in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free (2).JPGAsh Chandler, Shernaz Patel in the still movie Love, Wrinkle-Free. (3).JPG

Director’s Note: Sandeep Mohan

As Indians are getting more and more exposed to the world outside, issues like “smooth skin”, “youth” and “good looks” are taking on a more prominent role among the people. Love, Wrinkle-free offers a light-hearted insight into this new-india where relationships are being tested by these new values, and how a dysfunctional family copes with these issues in Goa, India.

Love, Wrinkle-free is an Indian-English language film that is set in Goa, India. Most of the conventional Bollywood films that are shot in Goa portray the “touristy” side of Goa, and our film differs in that sense since it tells a real story about a Goan family. I can easily say this is one of the most realistic portrayal of a Goan family in Indian cinema till date, or at least what the Goans who have seen the movie in film festivals all over the world are saying. Apart from this, themes of “aging” and “identity issues” are not given that much prominence in Indian films with aging superstars playing college going roles etc. LWF is from the new breed of Indian films that caters to an universal audience and believes that its audience is the sensible person wherever in the world

Love, Wrinkle-free is an off-beat, light-hearted film that promises to make you smile while making you think. In that sense, it caters to an international audience that is used to sensible entertaining films. Also, the ensemble cast of Shernaz Patel, Ash Chandler, Seema Rahmani, Ashwin Mushran, Sohrab Ardeshir have pulled off a brilliant performance that is surely getting people to see us differently. Also the soundtrack of the movie is brilliant with Remo Fernandes, Shibani Kashyap, Belinda Fernandes, Giju John and a band from Tibet offering their music for the film. He adds about Ash Chandler: “He surprised me with an absolutely non-Ash Chandler like performance. While we were shooting Love, Wrinkle-free, I forgot that I was shooting with Ash Chandler, the stand up comedian as transformed into Goa native Savio Monteiro. This is his first movie as a lead actor though he has worked in various movies. I think people will sit up and notice Ash Chandler the actor after watching Love, Wrinkle-free”. Sandeep said About Shernaz Patel “She is such a treat to work with. She was part of the Love, Wrinkle-free team right from the time we were looking for finance. I knew that Annie Monteiro had to be played by Shernaz since she brings a special grace and quirk to that role – a combination that is very difficult to find normally. Also she had no qualms letting her hair down and we have a shot where she is supposed to come out of water “Halle Berrry” style but she was cool about it. A great learning experience working with such a professional actor”.