Writer claims to own 13B story concept

Madhavan on the sets of 13B on 9th Feb 2009 (5).JPGSatyaprakash Mangtani, the founder and owner of The Script Gallery in Andheri, Mumbai has alleged that the story concept of the last Friday released Madhavan – Neetu Chandra starrer 13B is his own. Mangtani is planning to take BIG Pictures, the producers of spooky thriller 13B to court.

Madhavan on the sets of 13B on 9th Feb 2009.JPGMangtani claims that for past 26 years he was working on his dream project that’s the 13B concept and was planning to make it into a splashy entertainer. Mangtani has been a script writer and also a member of Film Writers Association (FWA) and Indian Motion Producers Association (IMPAA) and also the founder member of The Script Gallery, Mumbai that claims to offer fresh and original scripts to Bollywood filmmakers.

Mangtani claims that he his original story was titled Unlucky Thirteen and was registered with the FWA, Mumbai on 5.01.1983 with number 17832 and same was registered on 16.10.2003 with number 96443 and again on 2.05.2006 with number 117292. Mangtani feels that the screenplay of the film as far as the promos go look quiet similar to his project. He feels the matter is a kind of stealing, adopting or plagiarizing idea which he is working for last 26 years includes lot of research and hard work.


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