FIR against Pallavi Subhash

Here we are not talking about any special appearance or any twist in the tale but a true story. Pallavi Subhash of Basera is in trouble as an add agency has filed an FRI against the actress being unprofessional.

pallavi Subhash in the Serial Basera on NDTV Imagine (7)
Pallavi Subhash in the Serial Basera on NDTV Imagine

Recently a company called Trends Ad Film Makers got in the actress to shoot for an international brand at Colombo but at the eleventh hour the actress ditched the ad film maker which landed them in huge humiliation and losses.

The ad film director and casting director, Saumyy Shivhare explains,

“I know Pallavi since 5 years as she used to come here for auditions. Recently I asked her of whether she is bit free to advertise an international product of which the shoot will take place in Colombo. She agreed to all the terms and condition but at the last moment she backed out.”

“My half of the team was waiting for her in Colombo but she could not turn up for the shoot. We postpone it to another day with her permission but again she refused to come giving reason about shooting for her show Basera. We contacted the production house to check if her dates can be managed but even they had no option. Finally I had to cancel the shoot which inculcated huge loss of lakhs of rupees,”

he adds further.

They have even filed an FIR against the actress at Oshiwara Police station.

“Due to her we had to bear lots of tension and even the name and reputation of our company was as stake. Now when we are trying to contact her she is not responding so we didn’t have any other option but to file complain at police station and also with CINTA (Cine and Television Artiste Association),”

he explains.

We called Pallavi to know the other side and she was shocked to hear all this from her good friend Saumyy.

“I don’t know why he is doing this. They told me to shoot on 8, 9 and 20 of this month which was not possible for me as I am doing a daily show and we shoot back to back. I just told them to shift in dates but things didn’t work out,”

she says.

“They were pressuring me to the extent that they even dropped at my home and were forcing me to get my passport done immediately. Things don’t happen in this way, now I feel was it a mistake to sign the ad film with them. I have not signed any contract with them,”

she adds.

When we told her about complain filed against her at police station, the actress got confused.

“Till now I haven’t received any phone call from the police station nor from the CINTA people so I don’t know what’s happening. I would really appreciate if you could ask them of whether I have signed a contract with them or not because I haven’t done it,”

concludes the actress.

Now one has to wait and watch of what happens next with the actress.

–Rachana Trivedi


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