Good and Bad memories of Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, the fest for which each and every Indian eagerly waits for, is at its verge to be celebrated. But besides lights, crackers, sweets there are some good and bad memories too, which also give remembrance of this fest. We asked our tele stars about their unforgettable experience during Diwali.

Lets have a look on what they want to share.

Neha Jhulka– On one Diwali day, I was trying to burn ‘Anar’ and while burning it I burnt my hand also, I was around 13 years old at that time but since then I have become very scared of crackers and now I just burn fire pencil (Fuljhadi).

Varun Badola, Rajeshwari Sachdev at Yellow Chilli launch in Yellow chilli, Powai, Mumbai on 2nd Sep 2009 (45)
Varun Badola, Rajeshwari Sachdev

Gaurav Chopra– I come from Delhi, where families compete with each other in burning loudest crackers and lighting up the house better. In my locality, there were two families who use to compete a lot with each other and burn crackers that would be very loud which would be annoy others too. Boys of both of these families were my friends and I finally told them to celebrate Diwali together instead of competing and since then they burn crackers together tough I have moved from Delhi but I’m sure that they would remember me for my deeds.

Kritika Kamra– Once on a Diwali, when I was just 6 or 7 years old, I had burnt one of my pretty dresses while burning a cracker. My mom has the picture of the same since then I have been cautious while bursting crackers

Varun Badola– As a kid, I use to celebrate Diwali with excitement. On one Diwali new rockets were introduced that looked like the ones which NASA launches. I got four of them and burnt it but none of them went towards sky. Instead they went in four different directions and one of them went to the terrace of the house across the road where the cloths were hanging to be dried up. The rocket went right through one of the cloth and created hole in it.

Benaf Dadachanji– On one Diwali, I and my best friend had gone to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. In the evening sky was very beautiful as every one was burning crackers. I was so obliviously staring at sky that I did not see a rocket coming towards me and I burnt myself. Even the hospital was not so near by and so I had to go through all home remedies to cure those burns.

Thus it is always advisable to be careful while burning crackers because little accidents may entertain people but they can also be harmful to life. So, here’s wishing a Very Happy and Safe Diwali.


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