Grihasthi to go off air on 27th March

The popular show on Star Plus, Grihasthi is coming to an end. The show is getting off air on the 27th of March, 2009. The creative head of Sphere Origins informs us, “The show is coming to an end on the 27th of this month.

I personally went on the sets to break this news to everybody and trust me it was not easy to look into everyone’s eyes and say such a thing. The entire cast and crew was shocked and many had tears in their eyes too”.

We spoke to the artists of this much popular show and they too expressed their grief on the same.

Anand Suryavanshi, a main lead of the show was taken aback with the news, “This came like a shock to me. The mere thought of not being together after spending so much time with each other makes you drained. I will really miss this show and each and every one who is responsible and attached with this show”.

The other cast and crew were also no less when it came to depicting their unhappiness and emotional trauma of the show’s unfortunate end.

Shaleen, the winner of Nach Baliye 4 speaks his heart out to us, “If you tend to spend so many hours on the sets, naturally you bound by a unique force called friendship. We all are friends out here and the Grihasthi sets had become our second home. It was certainly the best time I ever had. I was so emotionally attached to everyone out here. When I was in Nach Baliye, I used to go back and ask people on the sets about my performance and stuffs. Everyone there would give me suggestions and tips and I used to follow it. I think there were innumerous people accountable for me winning Nach Baliye 4”.

Chavvi Mittal, who was a bit earlier informed that the show was going off air, was somewhat prepared but still doesn’t failed to express the amount of fun, frolic and peace this set had given her.

“The set was a family to us. People gave me a lot of suggestions and I always used to listen to them and keep that in mind. It was much of a picnic kind of environment where people were always in a mood of masti and stuffs. We played hard and worked harder. That was the spirit on the sets. All these things were emotionally attached to me. Still I did not cry; as I usually don’t get tears in my eyes. I guess the saying that, “If something ends, something good is waiting for you”, surely goes the way.


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