Hussain is not a heartthrob

Soon most of the tele stars are going to perform at Canada for the stage performance called Heartthrobs. While getting ready for the promos of the show, Hussain Kuwajerwala aka Sumit of Kumkum got annoyed and refuse to perform for the promo with the given dialogue, but the fun of this issue was amazing which ended with a gag.

Hussain Kuwajerwala at Starplus Valentine day_s shoot in Filmistan on 6th Feb 2009 (2)
Hussain Kuwajerwala

A little birdie chirps,

“Not only Hussain but also other celebs were given with a dialogue i.e. ‘Hi, I am a heartthrob’, and the dialogue was given for the sake of promotion.”

“But the issue was that Hussain misunderstood with the dialogue, which made him annoyed as according to him, it was putting himself on. ‘khud ki tariff, khud kaise kare‘ said Hussain at that moment, as he thought that the line was given only for him,”

khabroo added.

There was laughter all around when the issue was out.

“When the producer explained Hussain about the matter, he himself started laughing on for the deed,”

source concludes with conversation.

Hussain, even if you refuse to be a heartthrob, your female fans have already considered you as a the same, isn’t it?

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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