Is The Walking Dead Inspired From Lost

November 27, 2010 : Television analysts are of the opinion that ‘The Walking Dead’, a comic book adaptation of the same name is in ways more than one similar to the television series ‘Lost’. While ‘The Walking Dead’ has been doing fairly well in the last four episodes which have already been telecast and is quite similar to the storyline of the comic book series, viewers and critics cannot help comparing it to incidents and characters of ‘Lost’.

‘Lost’ was undoubtedly one of the most popular series shown on American television and ‘The Walking Dead’ has just begun its journey, therefore it may be a little premature to draw the conclusion that the latter is a modified version of the former. However the similarities remain uncanny. The first of the similarities is the fact that both shows revolve around a group of people who have gone astray. While ‘Lost’ tells the story of a group who have been marooned on a mysterious island in the South Pacific after their aircraft crashes while flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, ‘The Walking Dead’ talks about two groups- one seen in the city and the other in the woods.

The similarities do not end here. In both the television series, the groups of people are shown fighting to stay alive in their hostile surroundings. Most female characters shown in ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Lost’ are bravehearts who know how to protect themselves and are mostly bold and rebellious by nature.

‘Lost’ was aired on ABC Network. ‘The Walking Dead’ runs on AMC every Sunday night.