Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli

Well this is not a new show but we are talking about Colors, Uttaran which is on its high peak with the twist and turn in the tale. The truth about Tapasya getting married to Veer is out and there is lot more drama to be unfold in the coming episode.

Ishita, Sparsh at Colors birthday bash in Colors Office on 21st July 2009 (35)
Ishita, Sparsh at Colors birthday bash in Colors Office on 21st July 2009 (35)

“The drama in the show is about to begin as the truth about Tapu is revealed. But at the same time she will start missing her best friend Iccha too,”

says Rashmi

Elaborating on the upcoming track, the actress quips,

“Now that Tapu is married, she will have to do all housework and everything; that too without the help of Iccha. This is where she starts missing her house and how Iccha use to do all her work.”

“But at the same time she knows that Veer is still in love with Iccha so this is where her hate begins. Tappu doesn’t want Veer to go and fall for someone else than his wife,”

she adds further.

Why there is feeling for Iccha when you both are at wars on screen.

“We have grown up together may what the circumstances so there is an emotional bonding too. Now you have to wait and watch of how these relationship changes according to the time. About Tapu and Iccha all I can say is that they are like kabhi sautan kabhi saheli,”

concludes the actress.

May what be their off screen rapport but we all know that Tapu and Iccha are best of friends off screen too.

–Rachana Trivedi


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