Lapata Gunj gets costly

Lapata Gunj, another comedy show which will be soon aired on SAB TV, is in the talks because of its huge sets. The production team with the channel has built a set of a village which is too pricey. The show will be on the story line which will be very close to our daily routine.

“1.5 crore is the budget for the set of Lapata Gunj, which is located on the one way highway towards Marve (Mud). It was just superb to see the first sight of the set. I felt as if I have entered into some real “Kasba” (small town). The set includes all the things right from a temple, tea house, general store, etc, which resembles an original town,” little birdie chirps.

Our source further informs, “The serial has been directed by Kundan Shah, fame Nukkad. The director has also done the famous serial like Jane Bhi Do Yaaron. So even for this time the show is on the story line of these two serials, but with some more masti and masala.” So are you ready for another hilarious series on SAB TV!!!

-Tejashree Bhoptakar/ Sampurn Media


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