Anil Kapoor says that Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Sakshi Tanwar are two actors who have proved him wrong by showcasing their versatility. Anil Kapoor is set to return to the small screen with the finite TV series “24: Season 2“. The season 2 will also star Sakshi Tanwar. Anil shared that he was nervous about getting her on board.

The makers asked me as a producer and as a leading actor about casting Sakshi on ‘24‘. I said ‘Yes. Done’. I had heard of her, seen her work and seen her play ‘aachi bahu‘ (good daughter-in-law) on TV shows. So, I was nervous about her.

Anil Kapoor Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar

But later, I was taken aback. She plays an Anti-Terrorist Unit chief. She did that with total conviction. It’s a tough role. When she acts people only concentrate on her, so I am lucky that I have less scenes with her

Anil Kapoor told reporters here during promotion of the series, which is an Indian adaptation of the popular American TV show 24.

She isn’t the only actress who won his confidence through pure talent.

Two actors have proved me wrong. Apart from Sakshi, it was Madhuri Dixit. We were doing two films together. In one of them, she was playing ‘aachi ladki, gao ki ladki’ (good girl, village girl). I said ‘Perfect’. In the other film called ‘Hifazat’ (released in 1987), her role was a modern one. I couldn’t imagine her playing that character.

I was doubtful and wondered whether the casting would affect my career. Then the director convinced me by saying that if I can play different characters on screen then why can’t she. And she did a fantastic job.

As of now, he has put in all his energy and effort on 24: Season 2, which will air on Colors from July 23 onwards.