November 16, 2010 : Hollywood actresses Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are in a lesbian relationship. Well, not really, but they are sharing a same-sex relationship in the forthcoming Hollywood movie ‘Black Swan’. Filming of some portions of the forthcoming film required the actresses to shoot steamy hot sex scenes in bed and since then the film and both actresses have been hitting headlines regularly.

Reports claim that Mila Kunis had consumed liquor, tequila to be specific, to cool down her nerves before enacting the lesbian love-making scene on camera. However, the actress has been vehemently protesting all such claims ever since it has been heard. In a statement to the media, Mila Kunis says that the piece of news about her consuming tequila to gain more confidence before filming a sex scene is fabricated and absolutely rubbish. Mila Kunis has been heard saying that not only did she and co-star Natalie Portman not consume alcohol, she feels that she could not have enacted such a scene if her body had been under the effect of alcohol before the shoot.

‘Black Swan’ shows both Hollywood actresses involved in a lesbian relationship. Commenting on her experience of filming the lesbian love-making for the film, Mila Kunis says that to make love in front of the camera has always been tough for her, no matter whether she does it with a boy or a girl.