My producer Rajan Shahi is my Guardian Angel: Ashita Dhawan

Vibha Chibber, Ashita Dhawan on the sets of Bidaai in Mira Road on 10th Jan 2009 (36).JPGBubbly and vivacious Ashita Dhawan is a well-known face today due to her immensely popular character of Maalti in Bidaai. Sometimes silly sometimes conniving, Maalti is a much loved onscreen character for audiences and a claim to fame for Ashita.

Ashita Dhawan at Bidaai TV serial surprise bash for Rajan Shahi in Malad on 2nd December 2008(2).JPGAsk the young damsel about the similarities between the character and her real self and she quips, “Both Ashita and Maalti are extremely energetic, naughty, lively, and at times silly. Ashita like Maalti is very spontaneous and the way I roll my eyes and even talk in the show is very similar to the real me. But the similarities end there as Ashita is not money minded and manipulative like Maalti!” Very true, as have one conversation with Ashita and her bubbly optimistic nature along with her liveliness is sure to leech on to anyone.

But when talking about Maalti Ashita cannot forget how much the character has given her as she says that today she is a well-known face thanks to Maalti. She proudly says, “Due to Maalti today people notice me and want to know more about me. Maalti has made me what I am today. My producer Rajan Shahi is my guardian angel. I am so grateful to him for having given me the opportunity to portray the lovely character of Maalti!” Well Ashita, your audiences surely love you and hope that you continue to entertain them the way you have with your lively character of Maalti who adds the extra tadka in every frame she enters on screen.


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