No more glycerin for Rubina

Chhoti Bahu on Zee TV has stepped out from routine rona dhona as happy days are back again which is really relaxing for Rubina aka Radhika of the show. We called up Rubina to get her own opinion on the happening.

“It’s really very relaxing especially for my poor eyes and for my body, soul, mind and everything because it really effects the performance if I keep on continuously crying with glycerin,”

actress said.

rubina baig at Choti Bahu success party on 18th Jan 2009
Rubina Baig

What would you prefer more; rona dhona or happy moments in the show?

“According to me the ratio of performance should be 30-70 means 30% rona dhona and 70% relaxation. As people now days prefer more relaxation than the tears in eyes.”

Hmm Rubina, it seems that you are very much happy with the change. Hope these moments in the show stays for longer time!!!

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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