Perfect Bride is a fake?

The reality show of Star Plus, Prefect Bride is on the news again but this time for all wrong reasons. If the buzz is to be believed, the contestants on the show is fake and nobody is going to get married at the end.

Malaika Arora Khan at the launch of Perfect Bride in Grand Hyatt on 7th Sep 2009 (15)
Malaika Arora Khan at the launch of Perfect Bride in Grand Hyatt on 7th Sep 2009 (15)

“The reason of the poll khol is Priyanka Sharma one of the contestants of Perfect Bride. The girl is a struggling actress and has worked as an anchor before for a news channel. Alongside she had been earning moolah through the modelling world too,” chirps the little birdie.

There are other contestants too who had been trying since long for the break in the television and film industry. “All most of the girls are in modelling world and struggling actress who has come on the show for name, fame and money and their bio data proves it all.”

“In a news channel the bio of Priyanka revealed the truth about how faithful she is. All of them including some guys are showing that they are here in the show to get their perfect match but the fact is bitter. This is all for the game of TRP’s and at the end nobody is going to get married,” concludes the source.

The channels seem to be fooling around with audience, first it was Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and now it’s Prefect Bride. Let’s see whether the channel clears the air on this or not?

Rachana Trivedi / Sampurn Media


  1. Thats very true. This is just a fake. Well! noone cares about the bride. I have seen that they all are struggling actors. I know Pooja she is a biggest drama and game player. Gurpreet is asst director to Yash Raj. They all are youngsters who wanted fame and popularity. The only two kids Rumpa and Hitesh might have fallen in love during the show and they finally decided to get married. Who knows probably they will split the money in half ans later get divorced. lolz!


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