Rajshri’s unique family drama

Rajshri production is soon going to come up with its unique family drama on Zee TV called Yaha Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli, the story line of the serial is absolutely different from all the family dramas which Rajshri had produced before.

Alok Nath at Sara Khan_s birthday bash in Club Escape on 5th Aug 2009 (2)
Alok Nath at Sara Khan_s birthday bash in Club Escape on 5th Aug 2009 (2)

We called up Alok Nath for revealing more about the show, Alok divulge “I have been part of many dramas in past but this show is very much different from all the other shows . I am portrayed as a prestigious ‘Thakur of Ujjain’ from a very ‘Paramparik Khandan’, with two educated daughters and one son,”

“I don’t know much about the show as we have just started with the shoots , but you can always ask the channel about it,” he concludes.

Our source from the channel informs, “The story line of the show is very much unique, and where Alok Nath is playing the role of Thakur with 2 daughters and one son, out of which one daughter is married. The story moves further when Alok Nath gets cheated from his own loyal ‘Munim’s’.”

Our source from the production house throw some light on the tale. “The family in the show is very rich but due to signing on fake property paper’s, Alok Nath(Thakur) losses his 100years old asset i.e. ‘Suvarn Bhavan’ their house. So now with this, the story moves with a twist when Thakur’s family become homeless,” source added.

Khabroo goes on, “At last without option Thakur’s daughter have to work in the house as a servant to stay at Suvarna Bhavan which once belonged to them. Thus, the story says, Yahan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli.”

Suhasi Goradia is essaying the lead role in the show. We tried to contacting her but our efforts were in vain.

So, get ready for one more unique, promising family drama of Rajshri.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media


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