Shadab Sabri’s cameo in ‘Nadaaniyaan – Teen Nadaanon ki Kahaani’

Shadab Sabri will be seen in a cameo in TV show “Nadaaniyaan – Teen Nadaanon ki Kahaani“.

Shadab Sabri will be seen as a friend to a character named Pappu in the show.

His entry will be seen in the show when the protagonist, Chandni (Gunn Kansara) fumes after missing a much-awaited rock concert.

The track will go on like this – Nandu (Iqbal Azab) and Pappu (Gaurav Sharma) are at their wits’ end to pacify Chandni. There on, Pappu gets an idea and calls his friend, singer Shadab Sabri for help. When Shadab obliges, both Nandu and Pappu are overjoyed.

The singer will be seen crooning some of his numbers for Chandni on the show Thursday on Big Magic.


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