It’s not very often that a man gets his wife to dress him up and get him married too to another woman. But it has been made possible on the small screen.

For an upcoming wedding sequence in which his character will get married to Zeenat (Urvashi Sharma) in Zee TV show “Amma”, supermodel-turned-actor Shahwar got his real wife Marsela Ayesha to style him for his reel wedding.

Not only was Marsela part of all her husband’s reel wedding rituals, but she even helped Shahwar in selecting an outfit for it.

“It was fun shooting my on-screen wedding, and having my own wife present on the sets was definitely an icing on the cake. Marsela enjoyed every bit of it. She herself paid attention to the minutest details, and even helped me in the selection process of my wedding sherwani,” Shahwar said in a statement.

Marsela added: “I was extremely thrilled to be part of my husband’s on-screen wedding… Shahwar is looking dapper in his wedding attire in the show just like he did at our wedding. I will cherish this particular shoot for years to come.”