Shraddha is new age Shravan Kumar

Neha Janpandit aka Shraddha of Shraddha aired on Star Plus, is very much inspired by her own on-screen character. In a very exclusive talk the actress expressed her feelings about her changed perception towards life due to the show.

“There are many similarities between my on-screen and off-screen character, as Shraddha, I am the only youngest daughter in the family and pampered a lot. Even I want to full fill my parent’s wishes and dreams just like Shraddha does,”

Neha informs.

As Neha is trying to get her reel character in real too. She further quips,

“I am quite inspired by Shraddha’s character and try to copy her as a personality. I am trying to be like her and discharge my duties towards my parents. In fact I can be called as 21 century’s ‘Shravana Kumar’.”

Well if you sincerely discharge your duties towards your parents, as Shraddha does, then even you will be called as Shravana Kumar for sure.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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