Shree gears for another twist

Shree on ZEE TV which puts more light on black magic and superstition is going to see its new twist in the coming episodes. As per the present track in the serial, Raghuvanshi family is passing through a bad phase which had made each and every member of the family to suffer. But for this time Kangana (Vibha Anand) has chosen the youngest member of the family to bear.

Sparsh at Suvidha Awards  in Khar Gymkhana on 12th April 2009 (7)
Sparsh at Suvidha Awards in Khar Gymkhana on 12th April 2009 (7)

We called up Wasna Ahmed aka Shree of the show to know more about the twist and she informed,

“We are shooting the sequence were we are celebrating Diwali and accidentally Naveli (Sparsh) gets injured with the blast of the cracker (bomb) and loses her sight. I really don’t have any idea that she will be normal again or no as we are shooting at very early stages.”

” But the main twist I know is that the show will go off air from 12 of November with a great positive climax. Yet I am totally unaware about the climax but eagerly waiting to act for it. I just know one thing that Shree will have her victory on evil,”

she further revealed.

It can be possible that along with the victory of Shree against Kangana, the sight of Naveli may return because we can predict every impossible thing to happen in a daily soap, isn’t it?

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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