Success is yet to come -Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani aka Dev and Karan of Palampur Express and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi respectively, shares bits and pieces about his wife, parents, friends and career.

How is Hiten apart from television world?

Instead of explaining Hiten as whole, I would like to describe myself in one word that is “witty”. I am a very amusing person or you can also call me “clever humorous person”. I like to hangout with my friends, parents and my beautiful wife. In fact I will describe my wife and my parents in two single words like “princess” and “god” respectively. I am happy go lucky person who always likes to enjoy life.

Hiten Tejwani at the launch of Cactus Cafe in Lokhandwala on 4th March 2009 (8)
Hiten Tejwani

When did you feel gloomy and pleased?

Well I don’t get sad easily but do get happy very soon. I don’t get sad, but fumes sometimes, especially when somebody lies to me on some issues. I just hate liars Otherwise I don’t get angry very soon I am always controlling and balancing my temper and when it comes to be happy, I am always at my high spirits. I feel happy when people around me are happy and everything is happy.

Tell us something about your unforgettable moment from school and college life?

Hmm… my school days and college days were very good. I loved being there. I don’t have any cherished memories from school as I was too young that I can’t even recollect it. But when it comes to college yes, I have sweet memories as I use to loiter and laugh around my college campus with my dear friends. But if you ask me about the unforgettable memory of my life, I will only say it is going to come soon when I will be a father.

How was your journey towards success?

My journey towards success was good as I faithfully walked towards it to achieve it. I went on towards my achievement slowly and step by step. With my hard work I achieved what I targeted, but for now I will not say that I am successful but it is yet to come towards me

Share something that your audience didn’t know about you?

I have nothing to share about my self to my dear audience as I have been working in this industry for last 8 years and I don’t think that my audience must have missed anything about knowing me. I am very open person so everything has been disclosed right from my affair to my marriage with “Gauri” and many more, aren’t it?

Any future plans for your career?

As of now I don’t have any plans but I will grab each and every opportunity that comes to me. Now a days I’m concentrating on my present projects but will work on the coming projects as soon as they come.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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