Telestars define Father Of The Nation

Today is a significant day for our nation as it is a birthday of our dear “Bapu” i.e. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. As we all know that Gandhiji is also known as “Father of Nation’, but do you know why? We called and asked our favorite tele stars about why Gandhiji is known as Father of Nation?

Here are some replies which we received from the celebs,

Tanaaz Irani: As Bapu has fought for our nation’s freedom through Non- violence which is according to me the best reason of why he is called “Father of Nation”. Even I apply this rule of Non- violence in my life, it’s a wonderful concept.

Avinash Sachdev: According to me Bapu knows that which will be the right way to fight against Britishers. He knows every thing thus he father of the nation.

Ragini Khanna Wallpaper (2)
Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna: There were many freedom fighters, but no one had that much of patience to wait and battle with Non- violence. “Badi admi ki badi soch” it’s like that something. And one more reason could be that as our parents accept us with all our faults in same way even he has accepted all citizens of India with clean heart.

Manish Raisinghania: I am not fond of Gandhiji. Still I think as he saved mother India from the Britishers eventually he became father of this nation (smile).

Narayani Shastri: I think he had taken lots of efforts for the freedom through Non-violence and making this nation free.

Karan Mehra: He was the only guy against violence and always followed the rule of Non-violence. And he always strives for our freedom, not only the freedom but also strive for our fundamental rights.

Well celebs great! It is really good to hear from you about our “National Hero”. But for now we can just say, Thanks Gandhiji for giving such a free will life to us and will always miss you. Vande Mataram


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