Television Synopsis: SHREE ADI MANAV

Episode no. 5 (23 Oct 2009)
Vasiyat Ki Karamat

Shree, Adi and Manav are tensed because of their debts, as the recovery man comes from credit card dept and warns them. They are worried about the bills also. Meanwhile a man comes who tells that one of Shree’s uncles has left a property for him, which in the absence of him will belong to his cousin Rahul. The maid overheard this. As Shree has so much of debts to pay she decides to claim the property by the name of Rahul. But Rosy their maid, she sends her boyfriend as Rahul. After hell lot of confusion and misunderstanding, Shree claims his identity. But by his surprise, he didn’t get anything as the amount has gone into paying for uncle’s debt, funeral and lawyer.

Ep 6 (30 Oct 2009)

Laash Kahaan Chupaaun

A drunkard, hiding from cops accidentally enters SAM house. Hearing noises coming from the hall all three get up and see the man in the kitchen, they forcefully bring him down and assume that he is dead, however he has only fainted. Meanwhile, Manav’s Uncle’s friend Police Commissioner Mr. Rana who visited their place in morning wants to stay back since his government bungalow is still under renovation.

The chaos is created when Shree settles the drunkard in the guestroom; Mr Rana also occupies the same room. All three run towards the guest room and explain Mr Rana that unfortunately they have killed the thief, but before Rana could enter the room the drunkard slips into the loo and there is nobody in the room. SAM returns and wonders where the body would disappear and start searching for it.

Upstairs in the guestroom the drunkard comes out of the loo and meets Rana who is about to start his drinks. Rana enjoys the interesting company of lyricist drunkard.

Downstairs SAM are still searching for the missing body Rana comes down to take soda and informs them about the other guest which they all deny, Rana takes them to guest to guestroom where they find nobody because they drunkard has also left the room in search of soda. Amusingly they leave Rana and tell him not to drink more since there is there is no one else in the house apart from him. Rana unbelievingly goes to sleep by then drunkard comes back again shocked Rana, forcefully takes him along to meet Shree Adi Manav. In hurry on stairs drunkard collapses and faints, all of them come out and tell Rana that this was the man whom they have killed, but Rana tells them that he died right now. They are relaxed to know this, in-between the drunkard gets up and they all are shocked to see him alive.


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