Transformation is more difficult- Angad Hasija

Bidaai is taking a new turn where in Alek and Sadana is going to come together soon. Along side one is also seeing lot of improvement in the mental condition of Alekh. But it seems Angad Hasija who portrays the role is finding it difficult now.

The character is now taking a transformation after two years so its bit difficult to get out of that mould so easily. Aab acting karni padegi (now I have to act?),

says Angad.

Haven’t you been waiting for this moment to come in the show?

Yes of course this was the moment I was waiting since long but now I realise of how badly I will miss that old Alekh,

he adds.

I have lived that character to the fullest and enjoyed a lot. Now my character will get bit serious and even the audience will miss that innocence and naughtiness of the old Alekh for sure,

he explains.

So is this the new start of Alekh-Sadhana married life?

In a way you can say that but all I would reveal is that there is lot more twist and turns to be unveiled so keep watching the show,

concludes the actor.

Whether the improvement in Alekh rise or dip the TRP’s is something to be wait and watched, isn’t it?

–Rachana Trivedi


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