Why voting is important says our Tele stars

Casting vote is serving our duty towards our own country. The day when we cast our vote and prove our self of being democratic and responsible citizen of the country. Factually there are many reasons to vote for our country. Thus, tellycafe brings to the reasons from your favourite telestars for reasoning to deliver their precious vote.

Let’s have a look on what celebs want to say.

Narayani Shastri at Il Terazzo Bar nites in Delitalia, Juhu, Mumbai on 16th Sep 2009 (3)
Narayani Shastri at Il Terazzo Bar nites in Delitalia, Juhu, Mumbai on 16th Sep 2009 (3)

Arjun Bijlani: The reason according to me, to cast a vote is that we have been gifted with, “Right to vote” so we should make full use of it. Actually it is responsibility of each and every to vote and prove to be a good citizen.

Narayani Shastri: I can just say that if you are a regular voter than you have a reason to vote and if you are not than you can’t complain about the frauds. So I think this is the main reason why we should vote. That’s it

Karan Mehra (Naitik): As constitution of India includes ‘right to vote’, which gives us opportunity to select our representative which could rule us favourably and do not misuse his powers. Thus, we should definitely vote because we can’t hand over our country to any trickster.

Ratan Rajput: We should definitely vote as it is our duty towards the nation. I think each and every person should vote with only one reason that the government will bring some positive change for the citizens and will get the benefit out of it.

Karan Mehra (Ganesiya): There is no particular reason to vote but it will be shame for the youth who do not vote for the nation. Every adult should understand there responsibility of being a good citizen and kindly go at the polls and vote for the well being.

Well, our tele stars are quite enlightened with their ‘Election gyan’ and hope they too does the voting as they said.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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