Woofing encouraged Priti Ameen

Priti Ameen aka Surili of up coming satire serial Lapataganj on SAB TV, was very confused and experiencing problem with the script as she has to execute the role of a dumb girl who can only say words like Aaoo, Jaao, Laao, etc.

The actress informs, “I was really confused as I did not know whether the character is going well with me or not. So once I sat in my bedroom rehearsing till 1:00 am in mid-night but still I was not satisfied with what I was doing.”

“After some time, some of the dogs out side my window started barking, so I went and saw for what reason they are doing so? And it was amazing for me as they were woofing while looking at me. That was the approval of being a weird dumb and I thought in my mind that yes! I am on my right track, finally I went for the screen test an I was selected,” Priti added.

Well Priti, dogs have already given you the approval of being fit for the character, now see to it that your audience too give the same approval for it, definitely not by barking.

Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media


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