Yash Pandey gets ready for the race

The child who has newly entered into the reel world, Yash Pandey, is very much excited for his new debut in the serial Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabbi. The kid aims to race with other junior actors of the television industry.

In a chit-chat with Yash’s mom, she informs,

“Yash is very much talented when it comes to his acting. The boy is not only good as an actor but also great in his studies. He always scores high and manages his studies and acting, giving equal attentions to both.”

“Along with his own dialogues, Yash memorizes his co-actors dialogues and make them remember when they fail to keep in mind, he is a champ and can be called as heartthrob of the show,”

chirps the little birdie from the sets.

When asked Yash about his new role he excitedly said,

“I like acting very much and I want to be popular as others but at same time I will dedicate my time for studies also.”

Well Yash, we wish you for you’re newly began journey on Indian television.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar


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