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Bawaal (2023)

Unveiling the latest song 'Kat Jayega' from the applauded film 'Bawaal', featuring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor. This romantic drama, set against the backdrop of World War 2, is resonating with viewers, inspiring conversations about societal pressures and the facade industry.

“Bawaal” is an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film released on Amazon Prime Video on July 21, 2023. The film is directed by Nitesh Tiwari and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari under the banners of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Earthsky Pictures.

The film stars Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor as a troubled married couple. The story revolves around a history teacher and his newly-wed wife from a small town in India who face a troubled relationship while honeymooning in Europe, as they learn about World War II.

Bawaal Movie Review

Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal
Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal

Bawaal: An Ambitious Misfire that Fails to Live Up. Despite its ambitious narrative and A-list cast, Bawaal fails to deliver a satisfying viewing experience. Its convoluted plot, the underwhelming performances from the lead cast, the lack of depth in the story arc, and the misplaced attempt to blend historical references into an already complex storyline are reasons why it scores a disappointing 2 out of 5 rating. The film’s inability to fully realize its potential, despite the tantalizing glimpses of depth and drama, leaves audiences wanting more. As such, its lofty aspirations end up as its own Achilles’ heel.

Updates on Movie Bawaal

24/July/2023 – Discover the fresh track ‘Kat Jayega’ from ‘Bawaal’

The dynamic duo, Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, are earning high praise for their compelling performances in the new film ‘Bawaal’. This feature was launched on the streaming platform, Prime Video, on the 21st of July. To the delight of fans, the creators of the film released the latest musical number ‘Kat Jayega’ on Monday.

This vibrant song is brought to life by the impressive vocal talents of Romy and Pravesh Mallick. The catchy composition is the brainchild of Tanishk Bagchi, while the evocative lyrics are masterfully penned by Shloke Lal.

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‘Bawaal’ is the latest creative venture by the acclaimed director, Nitesh Tiwari, who has a well-established reputation for producing blockbuster films such as ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chhichhore’. This movie is a romantic drama, uniquely framed against the tumultuous backdrop of World War 2.

Varun Dhawan dons the role of a history teacher who embarks on a European journey with Janhvi Kapoor’s character, visiting significant World War 2 landmarks. Following the film’s incredible response, Varun conveyed his gratitude, “Ajju bhaiya has created an atmosphere. Thank you for welcoming Bawaal into your hearts. I have never received so many calls for any of my films. The impact this film is having on people is astounding. It’s sparking conversations about the facade industry and how we have become somewhat enslaved by this ideology. Thank you for watching and loving Ajju and his family. You are #bawaal.”

The film’s extensive shooting took place in international locations such as Paris, Berlin, Poland, Amsterdam, Krakow, and Warsaw, in addition to Lucknow and two other Indian cities. The crew, comprising more than 700 individuals, included action directors and stuntmen hired from Germany, reflecting the international scale of this cinematic endeavor.

15/July/2023 – ‘Bawaal’ Shines on IMDb List of Most Anticipated Indian Films

The streaming film ‘Bawaal,’ featuring the captivating duo Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, has caught everyone’s attention, securing the 4th place on the IMDb list of highly anticipated Indian movies and shows.

Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal
Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal

This much-awaited film is touted as a timeless love saga, encapsulating the journey of a man from a small town. His story begins as he falls for a radiant woman and strives to win her over, seeking acceptance in society. But, in an intriguing twist, he finds himself genuinely falling in love with her.

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In a noteworthy collaboration, Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor join forces for the first time in ‘Bawaal.’ In a surprising turn of events, this direct-to-OTT film has found a significant position in the IMDb’s most anticipated Indian titles list. Usually, this prestigious list is dominated by theatrical releases, making ‘Bawaal’s entry a rare and commendable achievement.

The National-award winning director, Nitesh Tiwari, known for his directorial ventures like Aamir Khan‘s ‘Dangal,’ ‘Bhoothnath Returns,’ and ‘Chhichhore,’ leads the helm for ‘Bawaal.’ Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, this film is all set to enamor audiences from July 21, 2023, on Prime Video.

15/July/2023 – Janhvi’s emotions stirred profoundly on Bawaal

Janhvi Kapoor, in eager anticipation of her soon-to-be-released streaming movie ‘Bawaal,’ reveals that the initial script narration, which lasted about 30 minutes, stirred her emotions profoundly, leaving her with moist eyes.

This heartfelt narrative navigates a sweeping romance, unfolding against a rich tapestry of both domestic and international landscapes. The narrative dives into the emotional whirlwind experienced by the two central characters, Ajju, portrayed by Varun Dhawan, and Nisha, brought to life by Janhvi Kapoor. These two figures, as contrasting as they come, promise a captivating watch for the audience.

Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal
Janhvi Kapoor in Bawaal

Discussing her initial encounter with the ‘Bawaal’ script, Janhvi stated, “The first script narration, which lasted around 30 minutes, left me emotional. There were moments where I found myself laughing, and at other times, I was moved to tears.” Responding to Janhvi’s sentiments, Varun Dhawan added, “I, too, was deeply moved during the initial script read-through. The narrative skillfully shifted from humor to vulnerability. Each subsequent narration triggered a consistent emotional response, a clear sign for me of a perfectly crafted script.”

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‘Bawaal,’ a timeless romantic saga directed by National-award winner Nitesh Tiwari, is brought to the screen by Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, in partnership with Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and Nitesh Tiwari’s Earthsky Pictures.

‘Bawaal’ is poised for its release on Prime Video, come July 21.

14/July/2023 – Dil Se Dil Tak song sung by Laqshay Kapoor, Akashdeep Sengupta & Suvarna Tiwari 

10/July/2023 – Bawaal’s First Single ‘Tumhein Kitna Pyaar Karte’ – A Harmonic Saga of Love and Longing

Bawaal’s first single, ‘Tumhein Kitna Pyaar Karte,’ encapsulates a beautiful love story between Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, promising a roller-coaster of emotions. Read More >>

10/July/2023 – ‘Bawaal’ Movie Trailer Revealed on Dubai’s Queen Elizabeth 2

Bawaal,’ starring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, makes a grand trailer debut aboard Dubai’s Queen Elizabeth 2, promising an engaging saga of love and conflict. Read More >>

9/July/2023 – Varun Dhawan’s ‘Bawaal’: A Chaotic Life Tale with His Dog Joey


Bawaal Cast

  • Varun Dhawan as Ajay Dixit
  • Janhvi Kapoor as Nisha
  • Manoj Pahwa as Ajay’s father
  • Mukesh Tiwari as MLA

The film was shot in multiple locations including Mumbai, Lucknow, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Krakow, Warsaw, and Poland from April to August 2022. Initially planned for a theatrical release, “Bawaal” will now be streamed on Amazon Prime Video due to the changing dynamics of film distribution.

Bawaal – Trailer

Bawaal Music

The film’s official teaser was released on July 5, 2023, and the first single from the soundtrack, “Tumhe Kitna Pyaar Karte”, was released on July 7, 2023. The film’s music is composed by Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi, and Akashdeep Sengupta.




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