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I wanted to bring holistic knowledge to the athletes in India – Jag Chima

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Jag Chima is a holistic fitness entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, celebrity trainer and motivational speaker. He is the founder of Kris Gethin gyms in along with Kris Gethin in India and through it, they are mentoring many fitness enthusiasts and athletes In India.
During one of the media interactions when reporters spoke to him on this and this is what he says, “Well, India is my native country and as is evident I love India. Some of the athletes that have come up from India have been very good and their journey has been more difficult than people in the west. However, their passion is very high. I wanted to bring holistic knowledge to the athletes here.
They are already very good and with a little guidance can really show up big time at the world stage. Also, there are many individuals who want to take up fitness as a career but are unable to because of stigma, lack of knowledge and similar other factors. I wanted to change that and together with Kris, we started working on it. We were already associated with celebrity clients over the years and it was just eventual that we brought this knowledge to the common people here in India.”
We have seen the gym in Mumbai and it is absolute state of the art, the people speak a fitness language there and emanates so much positivity. With such guys in this industry, we are assured that the future of fitness in India is bright and is in great hands. We are really looking forward to seeing a lot more Jag and his work here.
Jag has the transformed the lives of many individuals. He has been the facilitator for the transformation of many celebrities such as Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Mahesh Babu, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh to name a few. He has literally transformed the lives of many including Kris Gethin himself.

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