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Game Over is Bold & Beautiful…releases this December all over India in 1000+ screens

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GAME OVER… story of a Con Girl – Bold & Beautiful, Smart & Intelligent; but that’s not enough to play the Game of Life – Game of Gamble… Sometimes, Game’s Master Planner becomes Victim of the Game.

She played the game… But now the game is playing with her. Her every step in the game leads her to a mystery where every question turns into a puzzle; her every effort to get rid of the game opens the door of the next game. On every step to finish the game takes her to the next level. To do the GAME OVER is a challenge and who will do it is a puzzle.

Actress Gurleen Chopra, who is known for her roles in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Punjabi films, is all set to show her bolder and hotter side in the film. The censor board has reportedly asked the filmmakers to edit few bold scenes from the movie but has kept a lot of lip lock and bold scenes as they are an integral part of the narrative and take the story forward.

The Debutant Producer, Writer, Director Paresh Vinodray Savani feels it is important to get indulged into this kind of convincing tactics, to make it realistic and to make the audience believe as there is a very thin line between vulgarity, nudity and boldness. This is the reason that Game Over is having only bold content, not vulgarity and nudity, seasoned actors like Rajesh Sharma and Rakesh Bedi agreed to do bed and erotic scenes with Gurleen Chopra.

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Yashpal Sharma, who is known for his clean image had also delivered bold dialogues which he has done first time in his career and all these firsts were made possible only due to the trust the actors had in the Producer and the Script.

Rajesh Sharma accepted that its always challenging to play a bold character like Rangeen Awasthi (Rangeela) in Game Over. Audience mindset has changed a lot in last couple of years and so it’s foremost important to upgrade yourself with such variety of characters. Playing Rangeela was big test for me and audience will decide on 1st December whether audiences have accepted my this avatar.


The movie is releasing on December 01, 2017 across India.

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