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Unplugged Asha Bhosle surpassing all the edges and boundaries

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Asha Bhosle is considered as one of the most versatile South Asian singer. Noted Ashaji has sung around 13,000 songs and this is an achievement of all times. This September she’ll turn 76, but her voice still has great intensity and lure, which makes it sound someone of age 16. And this birthday turned memorable, as her album “Prestigious Platinum” received 37th position amongst world’s 100 best albums ever.

Last year Saregama Music Company, released this album to pay tribute to Asha Bhosle on her birthday. “Prestigious Platinum” received acknowledgment and honor all over the globe. Though her mile stones achievements also include ‘DadaSaheb Phalke’ award and ‘PadmaBhushan’ award; but this achievement overseas has made the country proud. With the interface with the media, she discussed about several things. Following is the discourse:

What was your first reaction when you came to know about this award?

I was in Kolkata for the release of a Bengali album. The time I heard the news I couldn’t believe my ears. This album did not receive any appreciation in India and how much I think, not much of people heard my album. But the fact remains that there are is enormous audience overseas which appreciate and are passionate about music.

After this album, which is your next one?

As of now, I am not coming up with any album. I am too busy with international stage programs and shows.

Asha Bhonsle
Asha Bhonsle

You have massive experience in singing field; did you ever desire to compose the music for your album?

I have already done it before for album “Aapki Asha”.

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What about music composition in films?

One requires ample of time and dedication for composing music for films. You need to sit, rehearse and mutually compose the music along with the Director, Producer, and singers. You need to understand the scene and sequence and then compose. It means lots of commitment from your side. And I already have lots to fulfill and commit. So, I don’t think it would be considerably a good idea for me to enter the field of film music composition.

To believe you love cooking and you are a complete foodie. So have you thought of writing a book on it or starting with a TV show?

No I have never thought about it. But because of this liking of me I went ahead to open around 8 restaurants world-wide.

Did you keep a separate menu of your favorite dishes in you restaurants?

From the main menu card, 3-4 pages are dedicated to all my favorite dishes. Whenever I go there along with the chef I cook, teach and learn. There, the fun of eating lies.

You have sung more than 13,000 songs. When did you sing your first song?

My first song was at the age of 10 and it was a Marathi song.

Asha Bhonsle
Asha Bhonsle

Have you ever faced a situation where after many rehearsals you actually did not sing the song?

Yes, several times. After many rehearsals also I did not recorded the song. But, there have been times when I recorded 7-8 songs in a day.

Amongst all lingos of India, have you had a miss with any lingo in your singing career?

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No, I have song recorded in all possible languages of India. Be it Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati. I have also recorded songs in Nepali, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese languages.

Of recent times which is your favorite song?

None. All are packaged from bits and parts. Hardly there is any originality and authenticity in the compositions.

Which is the song you love humming now and then?

“Geet kitne ga chuki hoon” I go on humming this song day and night.

And if you need to pick from the slot, which are the music composers you love to work with over and over again?

-Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Monty are really good ones.

To believe you love spicy food especially Indian chat?

Does it affect your voice or singing?

Yes, I love spicy food and trust me there is nil affect on voice and singing. But I keep myself away from cold stuff.

Do you watch daily soaps if yes which one do you like to watch the most?

I like to watch ‘Balika Vadu’ and ‘Bidaai’.

Brett Lee starred in your album. Elaborate

Yes, he was there in my album “Asha and friends”. It was great working with him. The album also featured Sanjay Dutt, Urmila Matondkar. Besides, I have even composed song and got privilege to sing with Robbie Williams, Boi George, British boy Band Code Red.

There are rumors that you are coming up with an album along with Robbie Williams. Is it true?

Asha Bhonsle
Asha Bhonsle

Yes, I recorded two songs with him. But, I don’t know why Robbie Williams did not release the album. But, I have heard that it is going to be released soon.

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There is always a flower seen pined up in your hair, any story related to it?

I was about to give birth to my baby girl, since then I use to pin flower in my hair. And that time I used natural flowers, but by the evening they use to wither away. Then I started pinning up plastic flowers. But, they use to make lots of noise. Then I started pinning up silk flowers. And still I do that. I have a collection of silk flowers.

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