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FROM – S02E07 – Belly of the Beast

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Episode 7, "Belly of the Beast", unveils startling truths and tests loyalties as Fatima discovers her pregnancy, the dissected monster unveils human traits, and Elgin is haunted by cryptic dreams.

The seventh episode of FROM ‘s second season, titled “Belly of the Beast”, unearths significant revelations and continues to test the boundaries of the township’s inhabitants. From discovering unexpected life to unveiling terrifying truths, this episode takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and shock.

As the morning dawns after Ellis Stevens’ (Corteon Moore) near-fatal accident, Fatima Hassan (Pegah Ghafoori) discovers she’s pregnant. Unprepared to share the news with Ellis, Fatima confides in Kristi Miller (Chloe Van Landschoot), who is grappling with her partner’s Marielle’s (Kaelen Ohm) relapse.

FROM – S02E07 – Belly of the Beast
FROM – S02E07 – Belly of the Beast

With the clinic crew debating how to handle the dead monster, Ellis, Fatima, and Elgin (Lorne Cardinal) are sent back to Colony House for their safety, while Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau), Kristi, and Kenny Liu (Ricky He) take on the task of exploring the beast’s physiology, despite their fears.

Meanwhile, at Colony House, Donna Raines (Elizabeth Saunders) keeps Dale (Andre Sills) locked up, while simultaneously handling Ellis and Fatima’s return. Tensions rise between Jim Matthews (Robert Naylor) and Tabitha Matthews (Niamh Wilson) over the children’s safety, leading Jim to form an unexpected alliance with Randall (Dion Riley).

Ethan Matthews (Simon Webster) finds guidance from Victor (Corteon Moore), who warns him of the dangers lurking around Colony House, even inviting him to assist with measuring trees. Victor’s ominous advice hints at the rising dread within the town.

As Marielle battles her withdrawal, Boyd and Kristi, terrified of the implications, make the first incision into the monster, only to discover something eerily human inside. Kenny, unable to bear the sight and fear for Kristi’s safety, confesses his love for her and storms out.

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As Fatima shares her surprising pregnancy news with Donna, Jade (Teach Grant) and Tabitha delve deeper into the mystery of Christopher, his connection with Victor, and the bizarre symbol that seems to appear everywhere.

After a chilling nightmare of the monster, Marielle wakes to a jarring reality. Meanwhile, Elgin confides in Julie (Madison Walsh) about his enigmatic dreams, seemingly linked to the recent terrifying events. With a monstrous mystery unraveled, Fatima gathers her courage to reveal her pregnancy to Ellis, and Boyd offers Kenny his deputy position once again, only to be refused.

As the episode closes with Elgin’s horrifying encounter with the music box during a bath, the show deepens the sense of impending danger and the inscrutable nature of the Township’s predicament.

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