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General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap

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The recap of the episode of General Hospital S60 E172 aired on 17 May 2023 Complicated relationships, escalating investigations, and mounting debts take center stage in this tense episode of General Hospital.

General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap – In the heart of Anna’s residence, a scent of red roses wafts in the air, a gift from Valentin, graced with a note that touched Anna. Valentin’s absence, having left for work at ELQ, is softened by his heartfelt words, warming Anna’s morning. Her peace, however, is disrupted when Holly knocks at her door, requesting Anna’s help.

Holly seeks employment, urging Anna to recommend her to the WSB. Anna, dubious about Holly’s intention considering her recent entanglement with Victor, warns Holly about the risks. Holly spills the beans about Ethan’s troubles down under and his potential life-threatening situation if his debts aren’t cleared. Holly’s desperation is clear, but she’s determined to help her son legally, refusing to compromise Robert’s reputation and career in the process. Anna concedes to help, albeit with reservations, as Holly leaves and an envelope arrives for Anna.

General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap
General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap

Over at the police station, Robert is enmeshed in a growing tension regarding a missing warrant connected to a RICO investigation at the Savoy. As he squares off with Dante, he clarifies his suspicion points to Selina, not Curtis. However, Robert’s constant inquiry about the warrant begins to rub the other officers the wrong way.

In the cozy ambiance of Metro Court’s restaurant, Felicia is enjoying a quiet breakfast with her husband, Mac, when Diane joins them briefly. The conversation takes a twist when Diane alludes to Robert’s unresolved “issues.” Soon after, Dante calls Mac away, leaving Felicia and Diane to discuss Robert and Holly’s complex past. Both are unsure of what the future holds for the pair.

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Back at the station, Robert’s foul mood escalates when his warrant is denied and Mac insists that the Savoy is off-limits. A disagreement sparks between the brothers over Robert’s interest in Selina, leading to Mac disclosing a secret investigation at the Savoy. Regardless of Mac’s warnings, Robert defiantly decides to take matters into his own hands.

Meanwhile, at the Savoy, Curtis receives a surprising message from Agent Hursley about a WSB job offer just as Selina strolls in. The conversation between Curtis and Selina quickly turns sour as Selina brings up the possibility of Curtis being Trina’s biological father. Despite Selina’s insinuations, Curtis remains firm in his stance about not wanting to disrupt Trina’s life with false claims. He warns Selina not to tamper with the DNA tests before exiting, leaving Selina alone in the bar.

Robert, entering the Savoy shortly after, confronts Selina about her mysterious influence over Holly. The tension escalates as Holly herself arrives, putting Robert in the hot seat, raising questions that beg answers.

At the Metro Court’s restaurant, Portia had a heartfelt conversation with Ava, expressing her concerns about Trina’s choices, particularly her relationship with Spencer Cassadine. Portia, fearing that Trina was straying down a perilous path, hoped Ava, who had her fair share of experience with the Cassadine family, could make Trina understand the potential dangers. Despite Ava’s assurances of Spencer’s improved character and advice for Portia to let Trina make her own decisions, Portia remained resolute – she would not stand idle and let Trina risk her safety.

Amid their conversation, an enigmatic envelope was handed over to Ava, who decided to inspect it later. After a tense encounter with Portia, Ava opened the envelope, revealing a card that may be a catalyst for future drama.

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Meanwhile, at the hospital, Trina encountered some delays while waiting for a DNA test. She was joined by Spencer, who took it upon himself to expedite the process, despite Trina’s insistence that she didn’t want special treatment. Their bond and commitment to always help each other was on full display, further solidifying their connection. Trina opened up about her concerns about the DNA test and her relationship with her father, Marcus Taggert, regardless of the test results. Spencer reciprocated, sharing his worries about his brother, Ace, and the custody issues with Esme.

Suddenly, an idea sparked in Spencer’s mind, thanks to Trina’s empathetic remark about Esme’s attachment to Ace. He believed that expanding Esme’s horizons might make her relinquish the custody, pointing out the power of changing perspectives.

In another part of the hospital, Curtis asked a lab tech about lab safety, showing concern for the test’s accuracy. Trina, noticing Curtis, joined the conversation. Portia eventually joined the group, and they agreed to prioritize Trina’s wellbeing in the face of upcoming challenges.

General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap
General Hospital – 2023-May-17 Recap

In Laura’s apartment, tensions flared when Esme announced her intentions of moving out, craving independence and expressing her feeling of suffocation from living under constant suspicion. Alexis suggested a potential solution by offering Esme a job as a receptionist at the Invader. While Esme initially seemed unenthused, she eventually accepted the position, attracted by the prospect of on-site daycare.

But the drama didn’t end there. Laura received an envelope, similar to the one Ava had received earlier, and a call from Anna revealed that both envelopes contained an invitation to the reading of Victor’s will. As the episode concluded, viewers were left wondering about the implications of these invitations, setting the stage for another thrilling chapter in the world of General Hospital.

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