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The Blacklist – Season 10 Episode 5 – “The Dockery Affair”

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In this episode of “The Blacklist“, Season 10, Episode 05, “The Dockery Affair“, a woman discovers disturbing files and calls a detective, only to be found murdered by the time he arrives. Raymond visits Herbie, who asks for help in the case of a murdered judge, doubting the guilt of the arrested suspect. Red calls the taskforce for assistance.

The team interviews the detective handling the case, as well as potential suspects in the judge’s murder, but everyone has an alibi. Herbie discovers that the suspect must have been framed. Meanwhile, Robert is delivered to Wujing, who reveals everything he knows about Red.

As the team continues to investigate the case, some flowers lead them to a man named Anton. Anton drugs a woman, but Ressler and Siya intervene before he can harm her. Anton is revealed to be a serial murderer targeting successful women due to unresolved trauma from his mother. He confesses to killing the judge because they were lovers, and she had discovered his crimes.

Ressler questions what is happening with Wujing, and Harold tells him to wait for Red to offer information. In a turn of events, Robert goes to Wujing and reveals that Red had confessed to working with the FBI. He then joins Wujing in his quest.

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