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The Young and the Restless – 2023-May-10 Recap

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The recap of the episode of The Young and the Restless S50 E154 aired on 10 May 2023

The Young and the Restless Episode 154 of Season 50 aired on May 10th 2023 – At Newman Enterprises, Nikki Newman probed Victoria Newman about her noticeable absence at Neil’s memorial alongside Nate Hastings. In response, Victoria revealed that she hadn’t been invited by Devon Hamilton, likely due to her pursuit of Chancellor-Winters Industries. Nikki’s concerns grew as Victoria’s demeanor seemed to suggest more than mere jet lag. Victoria confessed that her professional relationship with Nate had evolved into a personal one. Despite Nikki’s belief that Nate and Elena Dawson were an item, Victoria admitted that their relationship ended when Elena unexpectedly confronted them in Los Angeles, after which Nate confessed to his affair.

Over at Crimson Lights, Elena Dawson candidly disclosed to Audra about her discovery of Nate and Victoria’s public intimacy. According to Elena, their body language had betrayed the nature of their relationship, and Nate had confirmed her suspicions.

Elena expressed her fury to Audra, stating that she ended things with Nate and there was no possibility of reconciliation. She was filled with regret for investing so much into their relationship, especially since it indirectly hurt Devon. Their relationship, she believed, was fleeting and not genuine. She expressed her disillusionment with Nate, as she had hoped he would return to the man she had initially fallen for, but she was done trying to salvage him.

Elena blamed Nate for their fallout. Her disappointment in him had started from the time he commenced working at Chancellor-Winters, and had now morphed into disgust. Despite her anger towards Victoria and Nate, she accepted they were deserving of each other. Elena shared her plans of focusing on some impending decisions, but first needed to fulfill her duty at the hospital, as she had swapped her shift to travel to L.A. Her future with Newman’s podcast remained uncertain.

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Audra voiced her skepticism over Elena continuing to work for a company led by Nate and Victoria, but encouraged her not to abandon something she was passionate about. She proposed Elena to persuade J.T. Hellstrom to attend the podcast interview in person, which would serve as a fitting retaliation against Victoria. Elena, in return, cautioned Audra to be wary around Nate.

Unbeknownst to them, Nate was on the verge of joining them on the patio but retreated upon noticing Elena and Audra. He eavesdropped on their conversation, absorbing Elena’s stern warning to Audra about his lack of loyalty and deceptive charm, after which Elena made her departure.

At Society restaurant, Chelsea Lawson and Adam (Mark Grossman) Newman shared concerns over their son Connor’s recent broody behaviour, attributed to the news of a new baby sister on the way. Chelsea expressed optimism that Connor’s feelings would change once the baby arrived. Billy Abbott, arriving later, engaged in a conversation with Chelsea about Connor’s withdrawal and advised her that reaching out for help was a healthy way to deal with it.

Sketch of Joshua Morrow as Nicholas Newman in The Young and the Restless
Sketch of Joshua Morrow as Nicholas Newman in The Young and the Restless

In Sally Spectra’s suite, Nick Newman announced his plans to leave for the day, refusing Sally’s breakfast invitation due to some pressing matters at hand. Sensing his intention to confront Victor Newman over her, Sally asked Nick not to start a feud within the Newman family.

At Crimson Lights coffeehouse, Sally and Chloe Mitchell discussed potential collaborators for their upcoming venture. They experienced a setback when Jill Abbott Fenmore declined to commit to any major commercial projects in the immediate future, but didn’t completely rule out the possibility, leaving them at square one.

Adam, appearing later, offered Sally a job at McCall Unlimited, subject to his acceptance of an offer from the company. Sally was hesitant, reminding him that he hadn’t formally accepted the McCall offer and voicing concerns about Victor’s likely objections. Adam, nonetheless, persisted in his offer, expressing confidence in his ability to navigate the corporate landscape of McCall and suggesting that Sally could pick her own title and bring Chloe along.

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Sally revealed that Victor had offered to help her relocate anywhere globally if she left her baby under his care. Despite Adam’s insistence on supporting her, Sally maintained her independence, assuring him she was capable of fighting her own battles. Nevertheless, Adam continued to express his desire for her to join him at McCall, emphasizing the lucrative compensation, attractive maternity leave benefits, and a respectful work environment. His proposal, he said, would stand even as he left.

At Society, Nick Newman confronted his father, Victor, accusing him of overstepping his boundaries with Sally Spectra and even plotting to separate her from her unborn child. Victor dismissed the accusation as a misunderstanding of his intentions, insisting that everything was negotiable. Despite Nick’s insistence that Victor would never take a child away from its mother, Victor asserted that he would if the mother was unfit. Nick urged Victor to respect Sally’s decision and stay away from her and her baby.

At the same restaurant, Billy Abbott proposed a playdate for Johnny and Connor, believing it could alleviate Connor’s fears about his soon-to-arrive younger sibling. A visibly upset Chloe Mitchell arrived, sharing the disappointing news of a professional setback regarding a project with Jill Abbott Fenmore. Following Chelsea’s departure, Chloe commented on Billy’s evident bond with Chelsea and suggested he could be the support Chelsea needed.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victoria Newman admitted to her mother Nikki Newman that her attraction to Nate Hastings had been growing for a while, leading to their involvement. She insisted that their personal connection wouldn’t impact their professional lives or the company’s performance. Nikki, however, expressed her concern about Victoria’s relationship with Nate given his significant role in their business.

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Nick arrived shortly after, sharing the news of Victor’s attempted pay-off to Sally. Nikki excused herself, leaving Victoria to reveal to Nick that her relationship with Nate was now public knowledge. She brushed off Nick’s criticism, arguing that she’d respected his relationship with Sally and he should do the same. Nick, however, pointed out that their situations were different since Nate held a significant position within their company, raising questions about his loyalty.

In a park, Adam Newman confronted his father, Victor Newman, regarding the latter’s recent attempts to interfere with Sally Spectra’s life. Adam expressed his interest in the CEO position at McCall Unlimited, but stipulated that his acceptance was conditional on Victor respecting his autonomy, particularly concerning his daughter and Sally.

Victor, amused, accused Sally of manipulating his sons, but Adam defended her and warned Victor to leave her alone. Victor conceded, and the two agreed on the terms for Adam’s acceptance of the CEO role at McCall Unlimited.

Adam then disclosed his plan to offer Sally a position within the company, which was met with skepticism by Victor. However, Adam firmly reminded his father of their agreement, asserting that he would not tolerate interference in staffing decisions. He made it clear that if Victor failed to respect this, he would have to find another CEO.


Stay tuned for the next episode of The Young and the Restless as the drama continues to unfold.

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