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Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction – S01E04 – Beautiful Mosaics

Beth suspects Dan's affair, Ellen struggles with her father's infidelity, and Alex takes extreme measures. Unfolding events force Dan to confront the truth in Episode 4 of Fatal Attraction.

Fatal Attraction – S01E03 – The Watchful Heart

Fatal Attraction's Episode 3 - The Watchful Heart uncovers the twisted mind of Alex Forrest, showcasing her manipulative behavior and its repercussions, as Dan confronts her and Mike investigates a 15-year-old crime.

Fatal Attraction – The Movie in Your Mind: When Temptation Takes Over

In Fatal Attraction Episode 2, Dan Gallagher's illicit affair with Alex Forrest begins, kicking off the thrilling and suspenseful journey that will have devastating consequences for all.

Fatal Attraction – Pilot: A Slow-Burning Start to a Tale of Deceit and Obsession

Episode 1 of "Fatal Attraction" sets the stage, introducing Dan Gallagher, his family, and the enigmatic Alex Forrest, foreshadowing the impending dangerous affair.