Sunday, May 19, 2024


FROM – S02E07 – Belly of the Beast

Episode 7, "Belly of the Beast", unveils startling truths and tests loyalties as Fatima discovers her pregnancy, the dissected monster unveils human traits, and Elgin is haunted by cryptic dreams.

FROM – S02E06 – Pas de Deux

FROM Season 2 Episode 6 - In "Pas de Deux", plunges the Township into turmoil as Boyd's transformation intensifies, Kristi faces Marielle's relapse, food supplies dwindle, and Ellis's life hangs in the balance.

FROM – S02E05 – Lullaby

FROM episode 5 of Season 2, Lullaby uncovers secrets & fears. Randall battles unseen monsters, Jade learns of a haunting past, Sara faces hostility, while Boyd battles with a mysterious ailment.

FROM – S02E04 – This Way Gone

In FROM Episode 4 Boyd's health worsens, Sara confesses her past. Jim learns of an unsettling radio message. Tensions rise in the mysterious town.

FROM: S02E03 – Tether

Boyd and Ellis reconnect, Fatima's mental health worsens, Jade's arrogance stirs unrest, Julie befriends Ellis and Fatima, and newcomers Kelly and Brian navigate the town.

‘FROM’ – S02E02 – The Mysterious Return of Boyd

Delve into From Season 2, Episode 2 as we explore new arrivals, Boyd's chilling encounter, and how Victor's past may reveal town secrets.

FROM – S02E01 – Strangers in a Strange Land – A Stunning Return to the Haunting Town of Refuge

Season 2 of FROM TV Series kicks off with a chilling premiere, taking viewers on a deeper dive into the supernatural world of Refuge, with exceptional performances and striking visuals.