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FROM – S02E05 – Lullaby

FROM episode 5 of Season 2, Lullaby uncovers secrets & fears. Randall battles unseen monsters, Jade learns of a haunting past, Sara faces hostility, while Boyd battles with a mysterious ailment.

FROM – S02E04 – This Way Gone

In FROM Episode 4 Boyd's health worsens, Sara confesses her past. Jim learns of an unsettling radio message. Tensions rise in the mysterious town.

FROM: S02E03 – Tether

Boyd and Ellis reconnect, Fatima's mental health worsens, Jade's arrogance stirs unrest, Julie befriends Ellis and Fatima, and newcomers Kelly and Brian navigate the town.

‘FROM’ – S02E02 – The Mysterious Return of Boyd

Delve into From Season 2, Episode 2 as we explore new arrivals, Boyd's chilling encounter, and how Victor's past may reveal town secrets.