Bappi Lahiri, Leslie Lewis, Alka Yagnik, Ankit Tiwari Rehmatein 3 Musical concert

“Rehmatein-3”-Musical concert to raise funds for the forgotten maestros & needy artists of our country. Ankit Tiwari, Javed Ali and Babul Supriyo to join hands for the cause of music..! Lesle lewis also performing for Mumbai audience after long.

Alka Yagnik,Bappi Lahiri & Jatin Pandit also joined on the stage to have fun at this concert. 20 Musicians like Bhoore Khan, Akbar Bhai, Prakash Khate, Devashish Bharat, Malay Chakraborty, Kalyani Mitra to be awarded sponsorship in Cash & Mediclaim

This charitable music concert in its first year, raised funds for the legendary composer Khayyam & artist Rajendra Mehta. In the 2nd year, over 20 insurance policies were gifted to musicians & artists in need. Noted singer & trustee Hariharan shares, “Rehmatein has made a mark for itself in last couple of years. We as artists and a member of the music fraternity consider this an honour that we can do our bit to the long lost and forgotten musicians across our country”.

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari with Bhappi Lahiri at Rehmatein 2017Ankit Tiwari Performing at Rehmatein 2017Saurabh Daftary with Ankit Tiwari at Rehmatein 2017

Alka Yagnik

Alka Yagnik at Rehmatein 2017

Bappi Lahari

Bhappi Lahiri at Rehmatein 2017Saurabh Daftary and with Bhappi Lahiri at RehmateinBappi Lahiri at Rehmatein 2017Nasreen Daftary with Bhappi Lahiri and Saurabh Daftary at Rehmatein 2017Ankit Tiwari with Saurabh Daftary, Bhappi Lahiri and Nasreen Daftary at Rehmatein 2017Saurabh Daftary, Ankit Tiwari,Bhappi Lahiri, Babul Supriyo and Nasreen Daftary at Rehmatein 2017

Jatin Pandit

Jatin Pandit at Rehmatein 2017Jatin Pandit with his Son at Rehmatein 2017

Javed Ali

Javed Ali at Rehmatein 2017Javed Ali Performing at Rehmatein 2017Javed Ali with Alka Yagnik, Babul Supriyo and Saurabh Daftary at Rehmatein 2017Javed Ali with Leslie Lewis and Ankit Tiwari at Rehmatein 2017

Leslie Lewis

Leslie Lewis at Rehmatein 2017Leslie Lewis with Javed Ali at Rehmatein 2017Leslie Lewis, Javed Ali, Ankit Tiwari, Saurabh Daftary, Nasreen Daftary at Rehmatein 2017Nasreen Daftary with Leslie Lewis at Rehmatein 2017Leslie Lewis Performing at Rehmatein 2017

Lalit Pandit

Lalit Pandit and Alka Yagnik Performing at Rehmatein 2017

In The News

Saurabh Daftary at Rehmatein 2017

Hosted by Sangeetam Charitable Trust and Conceptualized & managed by –
Ebizz Entertainment India Pvt Ltd.

Saurabh Daftary, Founder Sangeetam Trust explains, “Funds will be donated to in support artists from across the Music Fraternity.
The panel of trustees includes, Saurabh Daftary, Smita Parikh, Shri Hariharan, Shri Anup Jalota, Ankit Tiwari and Shri Javed Ali.

About Sangeetam Charitable Trust:
Mr. Saurabh Daftary, Padma Shri Hariharanji & Padma Shri Anup Jalota, formed Sangeetam Charitable Trust. The aim is to support Artists from the music fraternity who have fallen upon bad times, Financially & by offering Mediclaim. Sangeetam is now having its third installment of their annual charity show “Rehmatein”. In its first year, Rehmatein provided financial assistance to stalwarts of the music industry Shri Rajendra Mehta & Khayyam Shahab. In its first year.
This event will be witnessed by the who’s who of the city to support this very noble cause , many famous musicians and singers will also attend to show support to the fraternity


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