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This is a spy thriller series that revolves around the central character Mason Kane (Richard Madden), who is a former CIA operative. He has been living under a new identity, Kyle Conroy, with his wife Abby (Ashleigh Cummings) and daughter Hendrix (Caoilinn Springall) in Wyoming after a mission went wrong, leaving him with memory loss. When his past comes back to haunt him, Mason is forced to return to the dangerous world of espionage.

Mason teams up with Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), a fellow spy, and together they work to take down a mysterious and powerful organization called Manticore. Along the way, they uncover secrets, face personal challenges, and learn about each other’s pasts. The series explores themes of loyalty, trust, and the blurred lines between good and evil in the world of international espionage.

Season 1 Episode Recaps

Welcome to our page dedicated to Citadel Season 1! Here, you’ll find the latest recaps of all the thrilling episodes from this captivating series. Stay up to date with the twists, turns, and suspenseful moments that make Citadel a must-watch.

Citadel – S01E05 Recap – “Time Renders Us Enemies”

Citadel's Episode 5 is a dramatic uncovering of secrets. Nadia reveals she and Mason have a child, now held captive by Dahlia, pushing Mason to make a risky choice.

Citadel – S01E04 Recap – “Tell Her Everything”

In Citadel's Episode 4, Mason and Nadia's mission to rescue Carter unveils past deceptions. Accusations fly, implicating Nadia in the unfolding conspiracy within Citadel.

Citaldel – S01E03 Recap – Infinite Shadows

Bernard tortured, Mason and Nadia's past explored, and a rescue mission for Carter Spence unfolds in Citadel's gripping third episode.

Citadel – S01E02 Recap – Spies Appear in Night Time

Mason and Nadia team up against Manticore, as Abby grapples with Kyle's secret identity and her family's safety.

Citadel – S01E01 – The Human Enigma

In Citadel "The Human Enigma," former spies Mason and Nadia, with erased memories, uncover their past, rebuild their team, and face adversaries to protect the world from a looming threat.