Action movies have a niche audience in Bollywood. Many filmmakers have therefore added other family-friendly flavors to their action films in order to make their films more acceptable for a wider audience. Dishoom is a fun filled action film starring Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Dishoom Movie Review

The film offers many entertaining moments but lacks in departments like story and many others. India’s top cricket batsmen are kidnapped in the Middle East, just a few days before the all important India vs. Pakistan match. Investigating this case is officers Kabir (John Abraham) and Junaid (Varun Dhawan). Thus begins a fun ride full of bromance and entertaining situations.

The actors

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan are good at what they do. John is known for his no-nonsense action while Varun is a cool and stylish actor. Both are perfectly cast in the film. Their chemistry keeps the audience enthralled throughout the movie. As expected, there are some hilarious scenes in which the comic timing of Varun Dhawan is very enjoyable. Both the lead male actors have done a good job in the film.

Jacqueline Fernandez and John Abraham in song Sau tarah ke from Dishoom
Jacqueline Fernandez and John Abraham in song Sau tarah ke from Dishoom

Jacqueline Fernandez plays a recovering drug addicted in the film who can help the officers get to the place where the cricketer is held captive. She looks beautiful in the film and has a good screen presence.

Action Movie

Although Dishoom is a fun filled film, the intensity of the action is not compromised. If you are an action film lover, you will get your dose of good action in the film. Dishoom offers some superb action sequences which will take your breath away. The chase scenes are also well shot.

Overall, the two male actors are utilized well in the action scenes of the movie. These scenes will surely get the younger audiences interested in the film.

John Abraham, Varun Dhawan in Dishoom Movie Still
John Abraham, Varun Dhawan in Dishoom Movie Still

The action in the film is the only saving grace. Set against the beautiful views in the Middle East, John and Varun show their acrobatic side in these stunts. These thrilling scenes are the best part of this film. Both these actors do their best to provide entertainment in this otherwise unexceptional film.

Hollywood has many cult cop films about bromance between the two cops. From Rush Hour to Bad Boys, such movies have been done many times. Dishoom offers no real difference between such movies. Hence, people who do not watch Hollywood films will find Dishoom more entertaining than those who are Hollywood fans.

Dishoom movie can be looked as a poor attempt to reach the level of Hollywood in this genre.

Music and Songs

Apart from action, the film also has some good songs. Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez light up the screen with their amazing dance moves. Varun’s electrifying dance is the best part about the songs. The one thing that will upset people about this film is the lack of originality.

The music of the film is average. The background music does not add much to the intensity of the film.

Movie Direction

Dishoom is directed by Varun Dhawan’s elder brother, Rohit Dhawan. The vision of the director is very important in every movie. Dishoom is a typical movie about bromance between two cops while they solve crimes. In this sense, it lacks a sense of creativity. The direction lacks depth which makes the movie a mashup of many cliches.

John Abraham as Kabir Shergill in Dishoom Movie Still
John Abraham as Kabir Shergill in Dishoom Movie Still

Dishoom could have been a great film with a better direction and script. It ends up being a mediocre film with no support in the writing department. The screenplay is also average and does not add to the film experience.

Another thing that is worth mentioning in the film is the style quotient. With young and good looking cast, it was expected the film will be high in the glamour department. Not just the actors, but the automobiles used in the film are also looking spectacular. All this provides some respite from the otherwise disappointing film.


People really appreciate the efforts of a young generation of budding filmmakers in taking Bollywood in a different direction. However, a strong script and the vision of the director are essential for this purpose. Dishoom does not quite succeed in these areas. Dishoom has a potential to be a wonderful film, but it remains a mediocre one.



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