Love Ka Tadka

A baseless film with no storyline is what Love Ka Tadka is. What else do you expect from a film that revolves around vegetarian and non-vegetarian food habits? So, it’s definitely not recommended but if you still want to know why, you may read the rest of the review.

The film starts with an item number which brings no joy to the audiences. Anyway, so once the film actually begins, it’s about a guy, Aditya, who works as a small-time executive and is flanked by his bearded best friend and his sick boss who likes chasing after much younger women. Then arrives the female lead, Sheetal, accompanied by her loud father.

Sameer Dattani, Nauheed Cyrusi in Love Ka Tadka
Sameer Dattani, Nauheed Cyrusi in Love Ka Tadka

Aditya gets married to Sheetal but that’s not enough. They need to impress her dad for which they need to buy a flat. And you know what’s strange? Daddy dearest is left roaming on Mumbai’s streets and then put into bearded friend, Vicky’s house, while they get a loan for the house. But acquiring a house wasn’t the end of all issues. The couple has now moved into a strictly vegetarian society and it means trouble for the couple that survives on non-veg. food. They somehow manage to get the people from the society to follow their non-vegetarian food habits and preach about tolerance towards all kinds of food.

So, all in all, a pointless script coupled with bad performances makes it very easy for audiences to give this movie a miss. Thus it is absolutely not recommended.

Banner Cinema Today
Film Love Ka Tadka
Cast Nauheed Cyrusi
Sameer Dattani
Bakhtiyaar Irani
Satish Kaushik
Rakesh Bedi
Vrajesh Hirjee
Dinyar Contractor
Shyam Mashalkar
Srivallabh Vyas
Balwinder Singh Suri
Director Gautam Adhikari
Rajan Wagdhare
Producer Cinema Today
Rating 1/5



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